Bahzad Sulaiman


Die Begrenzung

Because a person is the only one who creates his abilities and identifies them. Determines the pattern of his thinking. He creates his world. And creates things around him, his movements .. his words, lines . A man or a woman is one who creates his world and draws his boundaries, the limits of his dreams, his ability, his personality the limits of his entire world. It can make it very narrow all related to its movement and performance .And the concept of the circle and the individual and leave them and enter it and bind it to others. And to himself. All this is embodied in the movement of the performer, who is closest to who seeks his physical and spiritual freedom To create these circles and boundaries uses his body, with all its elements. And then to use the chalk to identify it on the ground. And enter the audience and spectators in his restricted world... Restricts them and expands their space to possess everything and restrict the rest. And then free itself.



Performance MikroKaosmos is a cross-genre art, a wild mix of sound performance and music, representation and performative movements, constantly oscillating between choreography and improvisation. Mikrokaosmos deals intensively with the theatrical space of sparte4, works on the change of perspective between stage and auditorium, the dissolution of common role assignments and questions in art, sound, performance.


Die Konvulsion

The convulsion in a room leads to an imbalance of the elements present in that room. The body is the central organ in this space. The convulsions will change itself, its perceptions, as well as the remaining bodies surrounding it strongly. This results in scenes of the highest intensity that resemble a living, predictable and unpredictable landscape of sculptures. In a first step, the performance is based on balanced rhythms and harmony. But it is also possible that the block comes out of its rhythm and equilibrium, which makes the harmony of the block with the is lost to the surrounding elements. A similar situation arises for the body during an epileptic seizure.

*1991 in Rmelan (SY)
· 2019 Master of fine Arts (HBKSaar, Saarbrücken, DE)
· 2015 Bachelor of of Sculpture ( University of fine Arts, Damascus, SY)
· 2015 Bachelor of of theater design ( Higher Institute of Theater Arts, Damascus, SY)